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Lightning Protection Installation

Lightning Protection Installation requires professional experts, because the installation of a lightning rod is a protection system, it is very important that this is done by technically qualified personnel and under current regulations.

The top of the light terminal should be installed at least 2 meters above the area it protects (including antenna, cooling tower, roof and tank)
Each lightning rod must be connected to at least two conductors down.
The receiving antenna (TV, radio, telephone) must be connected directly or through and the SPD or split gap is isolated to the lightning protection system with the appropriate conductor.
An antenna coaxial cable shall be protected with a surge protector device.
Metal elements that rise above the roof must be connected to the nearest conductor down.
The routing of the descending conductor should be as straight as possible, following the shortest path, avoiding sharp turns or upside.
Radius bend should not be less than 20cm.
The conductor down will be placed better on the outside of the structure (if possible), avoiding the proximity of the electrical conductor or gas.

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